Changes and Returns


Returns for any product are only valid if the product has a fault or a potentially dangerous error. You are invited to contact Casa Porfiria directly through their customer service center at (442) 223 5625 to receive more detailed information about the process or reach out via email at

Please note that the purchased product should be in good condition to be eligible for exchange or return. We recommend considering the following measures for Casa Porfiria to process the return satisfactorily:

Avoid improper use of the product. Prevent the product from being damaged due to improper connections. Avoid damage to the product caused by electrical discharges. Prevent the product from being manipulated by unauthorized third parties. Avoid the use of parts not manufactured or authorized by the manufacturer. Exchanges will only be valid within 7-15 days from when the customer received the product. To effectively initiate the return, you need to have the purchase confirmation (email received when the purchase was made) on hand and call the customer service center at (442) 223 5625, or go directly to the Casa Porfiria store located at the following address: CAPUCHINAS 410 COL CARRETAS, QUERETARO, 76050, bringing the purchase confirmation with you. Our advisors can assist the customer in making the exchange and/or return, either by offering a replacement product with similar characteristics to the originally purchased product or by providing a full refund of the product using the payment method used for the purchase.



Since Casa Porfiria manufactures the products once the customer requests them, customers can cancel the purchase of one or more products made through the website as long as the purchased products have not been confirmed by the initial purchase confirmation email and payment verification. In such cases, please contact Casa Porfiria via email at or by phone at 442 223 5625 to proceed with the refund process.

If the product or products have already started their manufacturing process or have been delivered to the customer, the purchase cannot be canceled, and the customer must follow the procedures outlined in the “returns” section. No refunds of any kind will be issued in these cases.


When canceling the purchase, the cancellation amount will be refunded in the same form of payment the customer used, within a maximum period of 10 business days. Please note that, to be eligible for this process, the product in question should not have started the manufacturing process, so it is recommended to cancel the product as soon as possible.

For online purchases, if the payment was made using a debit or credit card, the refund will be processed as a chargeback to the same card used for the purchase, provided that 30 natural days have not passed since the charge. If the payment was made by other means or more than 30 natural days have passed since the charge, the refund will be made through a bank transfer to the customer’s account.

Once the refund is issued to the debit or credit card by Casa Porfiria, any clarification regarding the funds not received in the account will need to be handled with the relevant bank institution associated with the card used for the refund. The period for the institution to release the funds to the account is approximately 30 business days after Casa Porfiria initiates the refund. The customer will receive a refund for the cost of the canceled or returned products.

Casa Porfiria is not responsible for any expenses incurred by returns that do not follow the steps outlined in the “returns” section.

The customer can contact Casa Porfiria through the following channels:

Email: Phone: (442) 223 5625


For any questions or further information, we recommend contacting the customer service center in Querétaro at (442) 223 5625 to resolve any issues.

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